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XmasBDcraft gives PureBDcraft an Xmas feel.
Lots of snow everywhere, special presents, custom furniture, and festive hats!
Look in your inventory for baubles, a snowy cottage roof and special presents by BDcraft.
The entire BDcraft team wishes you happy Holidays! ☃️


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XmasBDcraft 128x preview
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Noteblock Addon

Modifies how the Noteblock 3D model looks for easier usability.

Easily see the instrument, note range, number of clicks, and the note colour.


Font Addon

Replaces the ASCII font with a custom comic book TTF to enhance all the texts in game.

Higher resolution, improved kernings and better vertical offsets for each letter!


Better Leaves Addon

Adds new 3D models and special textures for all the leaves varieties.

Say goodbye to the leaves trapped in a cube and welcome the free and beautiful ones!