BDcraft is a small independent team of passionate people.
We create content and tools for the video game “Minecraft”, the most popular sandbox game which takes place in a voxel world full of fantasies and adventures.

What originally started as a pack of new original textures with the aim of turning Minecraft into a high definition game became one of the most popular Minecraft creations, with highly detailed textures and 3D models and a website promoting various content and tools which kids and adults love!

What you should know before applying

At BDcraft, we have various skills, including Art, Programming, and Web design.
We are looking into 3 key things for any applicant:

We are a very small team with ton of work ahead for millions of players and fans. As such, we would be very grateful to get applications with only the 3 best things you did (plus a link to your portfolio if you have one).

We’ll do our best to answer to all the applicants manually!

Please, be aware that you need to be at least 18 years old to apply.

Current Job Openings

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