What’s New?

30th May, 2019

PureBDcraft Java 1.14r1

The first release for Java for the Village and Pillage update!
Please be aware a handful of textures still need doing, but they'll come soon!

6th Mar, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.13r6

Due to some helpful users pointing out tiny mistakes here and there we're up to the 6th release of VanillaBDcraft for MC1.13.
Make sure you update! 🙂

9th Feb, 2019

Job openings

We are looking for new mates in the BDcraft team to work with us on various projects! If you want a cool paid mission or a long term job, feel free to check our proposals!

27th Jan, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.13r2

Whoops, already an update to VanillaBDcraft MC1.13!
Tidies up a few minor bugs, and changes the fire texture to match Bedrock's 🔥

24th Jan, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.13r1

VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Java Edition is ready to rock on PC from 32x to 512x!
If you like Minecraft default assets, you'll love VanillaBDcraft which has crystal clear HD textures!

6th Jan, 2019

Font Addon Update

As requested by our community, support for Czechoslovakian and Russian characters have been added to the Font Addon!

18th Dec, 2018

VanillaBDcraft Bedrock

VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock is now available on the Marketplace!
Upgrade your Minecraft experience with crystal clear faithful HD details!

8th Dec, 2018

XmasBDcraft 2018

XmasBDcraft for Minecraft Java is now available for Christmas 2018!
Enjoy creating your own cottage and decorating your Christmas tree with exclusive new blocks!

1st Nov, 2018

Pure ExOF 1.13

Extra OptiFine Addon for PureBDcraft Java has finally been updated for 1.13!
It implements a special OptiFine feature to customise the look of several items and armours!

18th Oct, 2018

PureBDcraft 1.13 R5

Another handful of minor bugs have been fixed.
Also OptiFine support is back and fully working again!

24th Aug, 2018

PureBDcraft 1.13 R4

We don't know how many releases we'll do for 1.13, but the R4 is another step forward for sure!
It adds the new dead coral textures, fixes bugs and goes back to good old oak planks colour! 😀

22nd Aug, 2018

New Font Addon

A simple tiny new addon replacing the ASCII texture with a custom comic book TTF.
Higher resolution, improved kerning and better vertical offsets for each letter!

11th Aug, 2018

PureBDcraft 1.13 R3

R3 available! Fixes some minor bugs reported by the community, as well as the crash some users had due to the TTF font. That new font will be available as an Addon.

9th Aug, 2018

Noteblock Addon for 1.13

New addon available for PureBDcraft (or any other RP) which modifies the Noteblock to reflect its instrument, note range, colour and number.
A must have for Minecraft musicians!

3rd Aug, 2018

Cubik Studio Wallpaper

Cubik Studio official wallpaper is now available for download. New Cubik Studio and BDcraft wallpapers will be added in the future, so be sure to keep checking our goodies! 😉

24th Jul, 2018

PureBDcraft 1.13 R2

An R2 so soon?!
Yes, we love you and we had to fix some mistakes; such as a bad crash caused by the new font and various other minor issues!

24th Jul, 2018

PureBDcraft Addons for 1.13

Addons for PureBDcraft are now available for Minecraft 1.13!
You can also download again the 'Damages' addon so you can easily see what is about to break.

23rd Jul, 2018

Music Pack 1.13

Now with 3 new Underwater songs!
Contains 42 incredible pieces of music replacing good retro songs with HD music by various artists, including 'Zero-project' and 'Adragante'.

23rd Jul, 2018

Sounds Pack 1.13

The well known BDcraft Sounds Pack is now available for Minecraft Java 1.13. Experience high def ambience permeated with groaning zombies, creaky skeletons, scary endermen and more!

21st Jul, 2018

Become a supporter

Do you hate Ads? Not a fan of Adfly? Do you want zen browsing? Would you like to support us?

Why not become a supporter?

19th Jul, 2018

Java Aquatic update 1.13

The Aquatic update for PureBDcraft Java Edition is available! Explore oceans filled with turtles, dolphins, drowned zombies, corals and cool shipwrecks all in HD!

12th Jul, 2018

Bedrock Aquatic update

The Bedrock Aquatic update is finally here!
Dive into the deep seas, play with dolphins, fight ugly Drowned zombies, protect corals and discover lost treasures in shipwrecks with PureBDcraft!

12th Jul, 2018

New papercraft to make

Brand new papercraft sheets to print and play with!
Drowned, Phantom, Creeper, huge swords and many blocks are available to easily print as PDFs!
Be sure to use rounded scissors!

11th Jul, 2018

New wallpaper

PureBDcraft Family!
You should recognize a lot of familiar faces here! Available in multiple resolutions, including 4K!