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1st Dec, 2021

The Sims 3 + 3 DLC Giveaway

For December, 2021, we are giving away The Sims 3 + 3 DLC to a random Supporter!

30th Nov, 2021

1.18 Pack Updates

PureBDcraft, VanillaBDcraft, and GrungeBDcraft have all been updated to 1.18 for Java!
Bedrock packs have been submitted for certification and will be available soon.

10th Nov, 2021

VanillaBDcraft 1.17 Bedrock

The Bedrock update is now available!

Go grab it from the in-game marketplace.

1st Nov, 2021

Borderlands 3 + 1 DLC Giveaway

For November, 2021, we are giving away Borderlands 3 + 1 DLC to a random Supporter!

19th Oct, 2021

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.17r1

Copper, deepslate, Axolotl's, all now available as a temporary BDcraft Supporter exclusive!
It will be made fully public as soon as the update is live on Bedrock ❤️‍🔥

1st Oct, 2021

Orcs Must Die! 3 Giveaway

For October, 2021, we are giving away Orcs Must Die! 3 to a random Supporter!

21st Sep, 2021

GrungeBDcraft 1.17 Update

The GrungeBDcraft 1.17 update is available!
Java is a Supporter exclusive and accessible by clicking here!
Bedrock users visit the in-game marketplace! 😸

5th Sep, 2021

PureBDcraft Java 1.17r3

This update fixes a handful of minor issues 🪳

Check the Changelog for more info!


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1st Sep, 2021

Battlefield V Giveaway

For September, 2021, we are giving away Battlefield V to a random Supporter!

13th Aug, 2021

PureBDcraft Java 1.17r2

The PureBDcraft 1.17 update is now released for everyone!
Java users click here! Bedrock users visit the in-game marketplace! 😸

10th Aug, 2021

PureBDcraft Java 1.17r1

Copper, deepslate, Axolotl's, all now available as a temporary BDcraft Supporter exclusive!
It will be made fully public as soon as the update is live on Bedrock ❤️‍🔥

1st Aug, 2021

Bastion Giveaway

For August, 2021, we are giving away Bastion to a random Supporter!

1st Jul, 2021

Outward Giveaway

For July, 2021, we are giving away Outward to a random Supporter!

15th Jun, 2021

GrungeBDcraft for Bedrock

It's finally released!
It took a while, but we got there!
Sadly it doesn't include the 1.17 textures, but rest assured they're coming soon! 🎆

1st Jun, 2021

Mass Effect Trilogy Giveaway

For June, 2021, we are giving away Mass Effect Trilogy to a random Supporter!

1st May, 2021

Rayman Origins Giveaway

For May, 2021, we are giving away Rayman Origins to a random Supporter!

22nd Apr, 2021

Viking&Knight Heroes Skins

Both Viking and Knight Heroes skinpack (42 HD skins) are now available on the Minecraft Marketplace! Super cool characters showed in 2ร—trailers with 2 free skins in game! ⚔️

1st Apr, 2021

Serious Sam 3: BFE Giveaway

For April, 2021, we are giving away Serious Sam 3: BFE to a random Supporter!

30th Mar, 2021

Tiny Fantasy Skinpacks

Both Tiny Fantasy skinpacks (44 HD skins) have been released on the Minecraft Marketplace! Be sure to watch the 2ร—trailers and check the packs in game, they contain free skins too! 😉

1st Mar, 2021

Assassin's Creed Giveaway

For March 2021, we are giving away Assassin's Creed Chronicles Trilogy Pack to a random Supporter! Explore China, India, and Russia in this awesome platformer! 🐉 🐘 🐻

14th Feb, 2021

Mobile Minis 2 Skinpack

Here is the second chapter of the wacky creatures, running, jumping and playing in the sunny valley!

20 wacky HD skins on the Minecraft Marketplace!

6th Feb, 2021

Mobile Minis 1 Skinpack

Explore, build and fight with 20 adorable creatures: The sun is shining in the valley!

20 wacky HD skins on the Minecraft Marketplace!

2nd Feb, 2021

Exclusive Supporter Server

We now offer our Supporters exclusive access to a Minecraft survival server!

Come on and join the fun ⛏ 💎 ⚔️

15th Jan, 2021

Timelapse: Knight Heroes

We made our first timelapse showing how the characters of our skinpacks are drawn, colorized and shaded. Have a break and check that mesmerizing speedup process! ✏️

2nd Jan, 2021

Minecraft Dungeons Giveaway

For January 2021, we will offer Minecraft Dungeons game to one of our Supporter who entered the BDcraft Giveaway!
What are you waiting for? Christmas?! 😎🎁

1st Jan, 2021

Happy New Year 2021!

Have a wonderful New Year 2021 surrounded by all your loved ones and fill your time with new adventures, accomplishments, and learnings!
Have fun and take care 😷🥰

12th Dec, 2020

Crazy 2020 year wallpapers

4 new wallpapers as a gift! All based on our exclusive BDcraft skinpacks!
Santa Playland, CyberThugs, Dungeon Delvers and Pure Classics in all resolutions up to 8K! 🤪

10th Dec, 2020

Brand new Shop

We redesigned our products and moved to Redbubble so we can provide a ton of awesome new merchandise.
Make sure to check it out 😉 🛍️

8th Dec, 2020

Santa Playland Skinpack

This holiday season become one of Santa's helpers in the Santa Playland skin pack...

40 festive HD skins on the Minecraft Marketplace!

1st Dec, 2020

CyberThugs Skinpack

Cybernetic implants, Holograms, Brain dance, Hacking, Robots for cyberpunk characters...

40 HD skins on the Minecraft Marketplace!

1st Dec, 2020

Monthly Giveaway

Every month we pick a Supporter randomly and offer a game for free! 🎁
Indie or AAA, old or recent, new adventures and awesome game play to discover...

26th Nov, 2020

XmasBDcraft Java 2020

XmasBDcraft has been updated! 🎁

Don't ruin your teeth in the candy Nether 🍫

5th Nov, 2020

3 Wallpapers

We added three new wallpapers to the Goodies section of the website.
Pillager, Rosemoon and Enderdragon are all available in various resolutions!

3rd Nov, 2020

DungeonDelvers Skinpack

Our second Skinpack is out and is HUGE!
DungeonDelvers contains 40 skins (10 characters in 4 colours)... Will you be a Mage or a Pirate? Lizard or Crow? Hero or Monster?

3rd Nov, 2020

PureBDcraft Java 1.16r4

Added the spanking new Social Interactions UI, as well as a handful of bug fixes.
3D Items, Damaged Items, and the Customiser addons also got some love!

3rd Nov, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.16r3

A small update to add the new Social Interactions UI and the missing Piglin Banner Pattern item.

28th Oct, 2020

PureClassics Skinpack

We released our first Skinpack!
PureClassics contains 40 skins (10 characters in 4 variants) and it's the biggest skinpack on the Marketplace ever made so far AND the cheapest!

9th Sep, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.16r2

An update in order to fix a few small bugs reported by the community 🐛

5th Sep, 2020

CreeperHost Gift Codes

Now included in our Supporter package is a gift code that you can use on CreeperHost to get $6.50 off any purchase on their site!

28th Aug, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Bedrock Update

VanillaBDcraft is now fully updated with the Nether Update content!

28th Aug, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.16r1

Fully updated to support all the new Nether stuff.

Go and bash some piglins, and ride striders!

3rd Jul, 2020

PureBDcraft Java 1.16r2

Full support has been added for the 1.16 Nether update!
Adventure amongst the ruins, pick new mushrooms, maybe chase a piglin!

3rd Jul, 2020

PureBDcraft Bedrock update

PureBDcraft for Bedrock is now updated to 1.16!

Explore the expanded nether! Frolic amongst the twisty trees, and bash a piglin!

20th May, 2020

Upscale pack for Terraria

UpscaleBDcraft is a simple texture pack which upscales vanilla assets to HD using various algorithms, scripts, and manual edits to enhance all the game textures.

26th Mar, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.15r5

There have been a couple more minor releases for VanillaBDcraft to fix some bugs ahead of the full MC1.16 release 🐛

23rd Feb, 2020

PureBDcraft Java 1.16r1

A Work In Progress release for the new Nether update!
Check out the new warped, crimson, and netherite stuff 😈

12th Feb, 2020

New PureBDcraft Wallpaper

A new fresh PureBDcraft wallpaper is available.

Featuring the new villagers, the bee, the polar bear and much more!

12th Feb, 2020

Font Addon Update

As requested by our community, support for Polish characters have been added to the Font Addon!

7th Feb, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.15r3

This update is a pretty minor one that fixes a few tiny visual issues with villagers, and leather armour.

7th Feb, 2020

PureBDcraft Java 1.15r2

Lots of bugfixes are in this update.

Iron Golems are textured again, beacon beams aren't black, and more!

14th Jan, 2020

Minecraft Full Crossplay

It's been one month since Minecraft got crossplay between Xbox One, Switch, PS4, and mobile!
Best of all PureBDcraft is available on all those devices! Be sure to get your copy! ๐Ÿ™‚

10th Jan, 2020

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.15r1

VanillaBDcraft is now up-to-date with all the Buzzy Bees stuff!

Flowers, bees, honey! 🐝 🌼 🍯

8th Jan, 2020

PureBDcraft Bedrock update

PureBDcraft for Bedrock is now updated to 1.14!

Find some bees, collect some flowers, and start collecting that lovely honey! 🐝 🌼 🍯

21st Dec, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Bedrock Update

VanillaBDcraft is now fully updated with the Buzzy Bees content!

19th Dec, 2019

PureBDcraft Bedrock update

PureBDcraft for Bedrock is now updated to 1.13!

This is a fairly minor update adding a handful of new textures. Beeeezzzz are coming soon!

14th Dec, 2019

PureBDcraft Java 1.15r1

The first release for the Buzzy Bees update with lashings of dripping honey!!
Remember to keep your bees happy with plenty of flowers! 🐝 🌼 🍯

7th Dec, 2019

XmasBDcraft Java 2019

It's the most wonderful time of the year... when XmasBDcraft gets updated!

PureBDcraft with that Xmas-y feel 🎄 🎅 🦌

28th Nov, 2019

Better Leaves Addon

New 3D models and textures for all the leaves.

Say goodbye to the leaves trapped in a cube and welcome the free and beautiful ones!

22nd Nov, 2019

PureBDcraft Java 1.14r5

A few bug fixes and the happy new villagers, which are now different in each biome!
Jawas are now exclusive to the Desert.

22nd Nov, 2019

PureBDcraft Customiser

HanFox's Customiser for PureBDcraft has finally be added to the site.
You can choose from alternative textures to change appearances of certain blocks, items, and entities.

20th Oct, 2019

PureBDcraft Bedrock update

Villagers now look different in each biome (Jawas are exclusive to the Desert)!
They might currently look a bit spooky, but they'll be made a bit cuter soon!

12th Oct, 2019

Noteblock Addon for 1.14

Updated to add support for the new instruments in MC1.14.

A must have for Minecraft musicians!

19th Sep, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.14r3

A couple of updates already for VanillaBDcraft to fix some missing textures and bugs!
Thanks to the community for pointing out the errors and helping us make the pack even better!

13th Sep, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Bedrock Update

VanillaBDcraft is now fully updated with the Village & Pillage content!

13th Sep, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.14r1

All village and pillage textures are fully up-to-date.

Protect those villagers and get trading! ๐Ÿ˜€

4th Sep, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Backports

VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Java Edition has finally been backported to MC1.11 and MC1.12!
Hopefully it's not too late for you to still have some fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰

23rd Aug, 2019

PureBDcraft Bedrock update

All Village & Pillage textures are now available in the crisp HD look we all love!
Meet the new Pillagers, trade with the new Villager professions, and more!

23rd Aug, 2019

Connected Textures & Transitions Addon

Uses OptiFine to connect some blocks for smoother looking builds, as well as material transitions.

23rd Aug, 2019

FlatUI Addon

Replaces the isometric design and 3D elements of some UIs with cleaner and flatter variations.
Perfect for those who enjoy the simple things and just want to focus on adventuring!

23rd Aug, 2019

PureBDcraft Java 1.14r2

Well 'soon' was a bit longer than expected, but all the textures are finally done (although some still need some touch-ups)!
Sorry for the long delay 😳

30th May, 2019

PureBDcraft Java 1.14r1

The first release for Java for the Village and Pillage update!
Please be aware a handful of textures still need doing, but they'll come soon!

6th Mar, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.13r6

Due to some helpful users pointing out tiny mistakes here and there we're up to the 6th release of VanillaBDcraft for MC1.13.
Make sure you update! ๐Ÿ™‚

27th Jan, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.13r2

Whoops, already an update to VanillaBDcraft MC1.13!
Tidies up a few minor bugs, and changes the fire texture to match Bedrock's 🔥

24th Jan, 2019

VanillaBDcraft Java 1.13r1

VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Java Edition is ready to rock on PC from 32x to 512x!
If you like Minecraft default assets, you'll love VanillaBDcraft which has crystal clear HD textures!

6th Jan, 2019

Font Addon Update

As requested by our community, support for Czechoslovakian and Russian characters have been added to the Font Addon!

18th Dec, 2018

VanillaBDcraft Bedrock

VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock is now available on the Marketplace!
Upgrade your Minecraft experience with crystal clear faithful HD details!

8th Dec, 2018

XmasBDcraft 2018

XmasBDcraft for Minecraft Java is now available for Christmas 2018!
Enjoy creating your own cottage and decorating your Christmas tree with exclusive new blocks!

1st Nov, 2018

Pure ExOF 1.13

Extra OptiFine Addon for PureBDcraft Java has finally been updated for 1.13!
It implements a special OptiFine feature to customise the look of several items and armours!

18th Oct, 2018

PureBDcraft 1.13 R5

Another handful of minor bugs have been fixed.
Also OptiFine support is back and fully working again!

24th Aug, 2018

PureBDcraft 1.13 R4

We don't know how many releases we'll do for 1.13, but the R4 is another step forward for sure!
It adds the new dead coral textures, fixes bugs and goes back to good old oak planks colour! ๐Ÿ˜€

22nd Aug, 2018

New Font Addon

A simple tiny new addon replacing the ASCII texture with a custom comic book TTF.
Higher resolution, improved kerning and better vertical offsets for each letter!

11th Aug, 2018

PureBDcraft 1.13 R3

R3 available! Fixes some minor bugs reported by the community, as well as the crash some users had due to the TTF font. That new font will be available as an Addon.

9th Aug, 2018

Noteblock Addon for 1.13

New addon available for PureBDcraft (or any other RP) which modifies the Noteblock to reflect its instrument, note range, colour and number.
A must have for Minecraft musicians!

3rd Aug, 2018

Cubik Studio Wallpaper

Cubik Studio official wallpaper is now available for download. New Cubik Studio and BDcraft wallpapers will be added in the future, so be sure to keep checking our goodies! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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