PureBDcraft for Minecraft

PureBDcraft for Minecraft

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PureBDcraft: Latest versions

PureBDcraft completely transform the Minecraft experience and make it look like a Comic book. Blocks, creatures, items and UI are revamped with high definition resources, full of details and geeky references. Do not hesitate to download and try all resolutions to know which one fits the best your needs and your computer hardware.

Note: PureBDcraft is a ResourcePack and must be "installed" in your "resourcepacks" folder.

PureBDcraft Addons

PureBDcraft: Older versions

Terms of Use

By downloading PureBDcraft, you agree with the following simple, easy to understand terms of use:

  • PureBDcraft is a ResourcePack containing many different files, mainly textures in PNG format and 3D models in JSON format. It has been tested as much as possible but nobody is perfect and it can contains bugs. If you find one, you can report it to the PureBDcraft dedicated Forum.
  • PureBDcraft has been scanned for viruses and malwares and do not contain any (ResourcePacks do not contain any executable files).
  • PureBDcraft needs to be put in the "resourcepacks" folder of your ".minecraft" folder (generally in "%appdata%" folder for Windows).
  • PureBDcraft is downloadable only if you use the official links available on this page.
  • BDcraft reserves the right to update the Terms of Use at any time without notice to you.

By using PureBDcraft, you know that you ARE NOT authorized to:

  • modify, copy, host, mirror, publish, transfer, license, distribute, transmit, sell, monetize, reproduce, remix, alter or decompile PureBDcraft
  • create a remixpack using one or more files from PureBDcraft and redistribute it

As a user of PureBDcraft, you know that you ARE authorized to:

  • decompile, alter and remix PureBDcraft for exclusive use in online videos if, and only if, you add due credits in video description (with a working link to BDcraft.net): "PureBDcraft ResourcePack by Sphax - BDcraft.net"
  • monetize online videos using PureBDcraft if, and only if, you add due credits in video description (with a working link to BDcraft.net): "PureBDcraft ResourcePack by Sphax - BDcraft.net"
  • copy, alter and remix textures from PureBDcraft for Mods Patches (read this thread for details)
  • decompile, alter and remix PureBDcraft for use in non-commercial software if, and only if, you add due credits in a visible place (with a working link to BDcraft.net): "Textures/3D Models/Sounds from PureBDcraft ResourcePack by Sphax - BDcraft.net"

If you do not agree with one or more of above terms, do not download and/or use PureBDcraft.

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BDcraft has many other things for you

BDcraft is not only "PureBDcraft for Minecraft":

PureBDcraft is available for Minecraft, Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), Minetest (an Open-Source Minecraft like game) and Delver but you can also download GrungeBDcraft (a WIP pack for Minecraft), various exclusive Wallpapers and icons to customize your PC or your Mac, print unique Paper-Crafts and access the BDcraft Community Forums to discuss, share and get help!