Please read the names of the packs carefully when making a selection.

Packs marked “for Minecraft Java” are for the classic desktop client.
Packs marked “for Minecraft Bedrock” are for the Windows Store, Mobile, and Console clients.

Updated 11th Aug, 2020

PureBDcraft for Minecraft Java

HD textures in a unique comic book style

PureBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock

HD textures in a unique comic book style

UpscaleBDcraft for Terraria

Game assets in high definition

VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Java

HD cartoony vanilla textures

VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock

Original feel with crystal clear details in HD

XmasBDcraft for Minecraft Java

PureBDcraft wrapped up for Xmas

Sounds Pack for Minecraft Java

Darker, funnier and more realistic ambiance

Music Pack for Minecraft Java

True new feeling for your Minecraft world

GrungeBDcraft for Minecraft Java

Semi-realistic dirty HD textures

Cubik Studio for Creators

3D modelling suite for artists and modders
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