Making a mod, wanting to make a BDCraft patch to go along with it

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Post 17 Aug 2020, 23:56

I'm making a mod for 1.16.2+ using Fabric. I am wondering, if I were to add some weapons, would I be able to assemble a resource pack that uses the existing ExtraOptifine textures as the textures for those weapons that could exist with ExtraOptifine? I do not mean to use them for the built-in mod textures, but a resource pack for my mod that reuses existing textures. What would be the policy on that?
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Post 18 Aug 2020, 00:57

Generally it's okay to use textures from the main pack for mod patches.

This is explained in the Rules thread for mod patches: releases-for-mods-f9/rules-read-this-be ... -t312.html
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