PSD files for non-vanilla wood textures (i.e. Forestry, Biomes O Plenty, etc.)

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Post 08 Feb 2020, 18:58

A few years ago, CadenDonuts' Extra CTM patch added connected wood textures for the vanilla wood variants of the game. I have been working on expanding these textures to work with modded wood planks, and for the most part, these textures have been recolors of the connected texture variants he made.

This works fine for blocks that are just wood recolors, as several in Biomes O Plenty are. However, Forestry's wood texture patterns are not the same as any of the six vanilla variants.

While I will make recolors of the default variants for the time being, the original PSD files for Forestry, ExtrabiomesXL, and Biomes O Plenty (or any other mod that adds new wood variants) to create proper textures with the correct patterns would be much appreciated.
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