Custom animated Torch.

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Post 05 Aug 2020, 11:53

Hey everyone.

I'm currently trying to Animate a Torch with a torch flame.

I got to the point where the animation works the problem is that I have to tell minecraft somehow to combine the torch texture, which is static, and the flame animation with each other into one object so to speak.

I used assets already created from PureBDCraft. Created the Animated flame texture and then combined them with the torch texture.

My problem is that this has to be created with lines of code so the flame and the torch are connected and not just seperated like the flame is flying in the air above the torch. I tried to edit the json files many times that tell minecraft how to hold and item or place a block (like when placing the object on a wall or on top of a block) but I don't know the numbers and can't find them by searching for it. So i always end up with either a black purple error texture or the flame not connecting with the torch itself (as show in the image)
unknown (1).png
Before someone comes to me because I use purebdcraft stuff. It is just for reference, the torch texture (which is not seen on the picture) is self made as well as the torch flame.

A lot of the json files have the comment that they used Cubik.Studio for it I would buy it but I'm not sure if it is easy enough to do what I try to do here.

Every help is greatly appriciated
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