ViveCraft discards rotation data for 3D view. This may be an unfixable "bug".

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Post 13 Apr 2019, 01:20

ViveCraft 1.13.2 R1 + BDCraft 1.13.2 128^2

"Most" things work out fine, but the torch and the bow are not properly rotated or scaled. According to jrbudda, lead for ViveCraft, "There are no 'vr' mappings. Any model rotations in the resource pack are thrown out, and vivecraft does its best to place items in the correct orientation. The way minecraft makes item models is by turning the 2d image into a 3d model. If the 2d image is rotated differently than the vanilla image, the model is rotated. We have no way to detect that. You pretty much have to live with it or use a different resource pack."

I note that BDCraft works fine in Vanilla and Optifine, and Vanilla textures work fine in ViveCraft. I also note that I "can" use the BDCraft 3d textures to see my Diamond Sword, the torch is "3d" even without the BDCraft 3d items, and the bow is 2d with or without the BDCraft 3D items patch.

There may be no "fix" for this, or the "fix" might be "too expensive" at this time with 1.14 coming down the pipeline. But I don't get told "no" unless I ask, as my wife reminds me. :)

I can post images of what I see if they are useful. Screenshot F2 captures everything just fine without VR warped images.
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Post 13 Apr 2019, 08:12

Judging by the reply the bug is in the mod itself and related to the fact they seem to have replaced the modelling system.

Suffice it to say that we're unlikely to spend time figuring out how to fix the things 3rd party programs do which break vanilla functionality.

If anyone does work out a way that works for both the mod and vanilla we'll implement it in upcoming releases.
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