Round Trees? For Customizer? (Suggestion?)

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Post 28 Aug 2021, 06:28

Hey so there is a Resource Pack out there called Round Trees, I Was wondering if Sphax Could do a similar thing for the customizer?

Before you ask, why don't you just combined the both? When you use the customizer from Sphax, Round Trees overwrites the look of the logs to spotted birch log... even though I selected not spotted in customizer... Basically Round Trees pulls the texture from the Sphax Pack, and not the customizer.

I don't know if this should just be in 3D Blocks, or Customizer, but either way it would just be cool to have Rounded 3D Logs for Sphax.
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Post 28 Aug 2021, 19:32

If, then I would prefer the customizer, I wouldn't want them in my 3D Blocks.
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Post 28 Aug 2021, 21:31

There are mods that add "rounded" blocks better than any simple customisation can, so it's unlikely we'll add any thing like that to the Customiser.
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