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Ideas and feedback to improve PureBDcraft, the HD cartoony resourcepack for Minecraft Java Edition.
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Post 03 Jan 2015, 11:46


First of all, please excuse my bad english. :)

I hated the resource pack first. Now a lot of things where changed, for example the grass/grassblocks and so on. I'm using Sphax now for about one month and it's one of the best resource packs out there at the moment in my opinion.
But there are some little things, that I think should be fixed and/or maybe even changed:

Things that should get fixed:

1. There are some default texture, if you choose a server (see picture).

2. The redstone repeater/comparator are messed up.

3. The armors. They got long arms, but you can's see them, if you playing "normal" (see pictrue). This is the case for all armors. This is just a very small detail that a lot of people don't even noticed I believe, but I don't like that. ^^

Things that should get changed:
These things will just be ignored I think, but I still gonna say them, because I know that I'm not the only one who dislike these textures. :(

1. The diamond and emerald block. The wood around them just destroys these blocks. They should be more like the gold and iron block.

2. The nightsky could be a bit more interesting.

3. The normal glass isn't that nice (the wood around it is to big).

Thanks for reading and maybe even thanks for the fixes and/or changes to the resource pack. Keep the good work up. :)
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Post 03 Jan 2015, 12:40


1) Sphax is aware of missing textures and stated that he'd add them next time he does a release (if he remembers). Not sure where that slider's texture actually is though.

2) Interesting. I guess they just don't like that the redstone torch is a model. Maybe Sphax will find a fix.

3) That's because in first person view the arm you see isn't the same arm from 3rd person. It's entirely separately rendered and is a problem in MC itself (much like armour not moving for zombies/skeletons arms) and it's up to Mojang to fix it not for resourcepack makers to compromise.


1) Look in the /assets/minecraft/textures/blocks_alt1 folder in the resourcepack.

2) What do you actually propose? Your idea of interesting and someone else's could differ and to a lot of people some nice sparkly stars is already interesting.

3) I can see your point, but it should only be supplied as an alt like the before-mentioned diamond/emerald blocks already are.
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Post 03 Jan 2015, 19:10

Thanks for the quick answer. :)


1) Ok, thanks. I don't know where the slider's texture is too and it's not only the slider, it's also the things to move servers up and down (just if you didn't see that).

2) Yeah, I guess that's the problem.

3) I know that. That's the reason why the armors in the default resource pack are short. So I think it would be nice to change the armor. But this is just a really small thing.


1) Thanks. This textures are a bit better, but it's a bit annoying to change this every update though. But ok.

2) This is right. Opinions are different. In my opinion are just stars a bit boring. I would like to have a milky way or the north lights (something like that).

3) This would be an idea, yes.
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Post 06 Jan 2015, 01:22

I did make a milky way texture when I first started texturing. It looked horrific the way I did it. But I think it would look really nice if it was done right. I wonder if it can be animated. It might be nice to have some twinkly stars too.
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Post 06 Jan 2015, 07:44

2) it's due to MC itself because Mojang didn't recreated the 3D model as it was in previous versions... Breaking the look for many ResourcePacks. However, I'm not quite satisfied with the redstone torch look in PureBDcraft and I think I'll change that soon. ;)
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Post 06 Jan 2015, 14:23

@Sparkst3r: I think it's able to animate the sky. I don't know how though. I got an example for a sky. Maybe you guys get some inspiration? ... .31.51.png ... .32.03.png

This resource pack is called Soartex Fanver and can be downloaded here:

In PureBDCraft are the stars rectangles. Isn't it possible to make them to hexagons?

@Sphax: Alright. :)

I just found a little thing that I think is not meant to be like this for the stained glasses (see picture). I also put the sandstone and the smooth sandstone on this picture, because you don't really see a different. Sure you see a different, but in my opinion it could be a bit more obvious what is what (?). ... .38.38.png

-- 06 Jan 2015, 14:23 --

I just saw that some text does not look that nice or is hard to read (for example the anvil). I made a screenshot again. For chests for example you removed the text I believe. Maybe it would be nice to remove it for these things too:

Minecart with Chest
Minecart with Hopper ... .13.23.png
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