Aether 2 1.6.2!

Archive of patch requests that have been completed or locked for various other reasons.
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Post 18 Aug 2013, 23:56

Hey guys! It's me again with another request!

Today the Aether 2 has been released for 1.6.2 and i was wondering if anyone is working on making a patch for it, as sphax textures are my favorite and i honestly hate playing MC without them, so yeah! Reply to this thread if you are making one and please tell me how long you expect it to be, before you can release it :D


Doco56 :D
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Post 19 Aug 2013, 00:49

can u give me the link to aether 2 1.6.2
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Post 19 Aug 2013, 01:33

ratface91 wrote:can u give me the link to aether 2 1.6.2
Instructions and download links are available from their facebook page.
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Post 19 Aug 2013, 01:40

i second this request, its a awesome mod and the old patch was awesome, would love to see it again.
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Post 19 Aug 2013, 07:31 

WIP is here: ... -t307.html

Requests for that being updated to 1.6 should have been made there.
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