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Post 05 May 2017, 04:17

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Looking for a much needed revamp of an amazing mod, I was slowly working on it myself and just can't find the time needed and lack skills to replicate sphax's style. The current assets, while very nice are just too busy with WAY too many details which in the end make the blocks look like 8-bit randomness. Would like it simplified and sphaxified :) Would like if possible 512x-16x if not that high 128x-16x would be perfect.

The mod itself contains weapons, machines, blocks, mobs, armor, tools, etc. When I did a search in the assets for png there was 491 images. So it's not a small task by any means. I'm not a modder or a texture artist so don't know the tips and tricks to doing it all. Since it's hard to edit a texture then have to reload minecraft or texture pack each time to see it on a block unless there is a block viewer program.

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Post 05 May 2017, 12:13

You can reload resources easily in Minecraft by pressing F3+T.

Also there are plenty of resources pinned at the top of the WIP section for making textures and a lot of PSDs in my repositories on GitHub (click the patch title and look in the src folders).

Maybe give it a try and see what you can achieve. It'd be nice if more people tried instead of just posting requests.
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