Door and Facegate 1.11.2 ( x64 x32 x16 )

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Post 16 Mar 2017, 15:45

Hey guys ;D

I have a Problem with my gates and doors in the version 1.11.2. how can i fix this? or wating for an Update?

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Post 16 Mar 2017, 16:11

I can't replicate this. If it were really a bug a lot more people would have complained by now.

Make sure you have the right version of the resourcepack for the version of Minecraft you're using.

Are you using any mods?
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Post 16 Mar 2017, 16:21

The door images look similar to this Malisis Doors issue (weird conflict between that mod and Forestry):
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Post 16 Mar 2017, 16:53 

Ah Thank you so much for the Awnsers and the link with the Malisis...
That was totaly the Problem and for all with the same problem change in the malisisdoor.cfg the line

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Thanks all for the Help ;D