Millénaire - NPC village

Archive of patch requests that have been completed or locked for various other reasons.
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Post 17 Dec 2015, 00:32

FireController1847 wrote:+1

I would love to see this mod for 1.7.10, as I love playing around with what they can do, but it's odd seeing villages of them with Sphax textures in the back and pixelized textures in the village.
The Millenaire Library at the site MadMax linked includes an entry by "oblisgr" with BDCraft-style textures, which iirc works with Millenaire for MC 1.7.10, and might not be 100% complete, but was more complete than the WIP patches available in the BDCraft forums. It's not fully set up as a resource pack, but can easily be edited to act like one. I suggested he post it that way, but I'm not sure he understood my suggestion. He also mentioned that he'd gotten banned for posting it in the BDCraft forums.
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Post 17 Dec 2015, 18:11

oblisgr was never banned. He was warned under the old rules that disallowed the use of unedited textures in packs.

-- edit --

Just to be clear if he wanted to come back and post his patch here again he could seeing as the rules about reusing textures from the main pack have changed since he last posted.
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Post 19 Feb 2017, 08:46

Could anyone possibly update the millenaire sphax resource pack so its more up to date and can actually work?
If anyone could it would be great and i'm sure many people would like to see it happen :)
Sphax millenaire texture patch (last updated for 1.6.5) -
Millenaire mod site -
Thank you. -.- ;)
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Post 19 Feb 2017, 17:32 

I can re-structure oblisgr's textures to work as a 1.7.10 resource pack within a few hours if nobody beats me to it (need breakfast first, and I'll want to test it a little before posting it).

Note, however, that the old patch linked is in the archived forums, so I won't be able to update that thread.

Edit: I just went back and re-read the PM I got from oblisgr on the Millenaire forums when I asked him about the resource pack there a few years ago, and he had said it was banned, not that he was banned. My mistake.

Edit 2: WIP Patch here