[128x - 32x] GregTech [MC1.4.7, 1.7, 1.12]

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GregTech Community Edition is a total rewrite of GregTech for newer versions of Minecraft made with focus on performance and balance.
(description copied from CurseForge page)

GregTech 5, created by GregoriusT, is an addon mod that completely overhauls IndustrialCraft 2, adding numerous machines and materials, adjusting recipes for existing items, and revamping ore generation. GregTech is meant to extend gameplay by making certain things less overpowered, many machines more complex to craft, and adding a wide range of machinery.

GregTech 5 Unofficial (sometimes referred to as GT5U) is a fork of GregTech 5 created open-source by Blood Asp. It was originally created because GregTech 5 was incompatible with Forge version 1335 and up, but later versions of the mod reintroduce many of the older machines and generators from GregTech 4.

(descriptions copied from FTB wiki)


for MC1.12.2
v1.10.8.599 by gabor6505 Note: HanFox's Customiser will not affect Netherrack for GregTech ores; GregTech Netherrack ores will still be backed with the "pulsating flesh" texture. Players who want one of the other Netherrack textures may need to manually copy the alternate texture into the textures/blocks folder in their local copy of the PureBDCraft resource pack.

for MC1.7.10
v5.09.31 by MauveCloud Note: Two circuit textures from IC2 are now overridden by this patch due to patterns in the way circuits are crafted since GregTech 5.09.28, so players are encouraged to make sure the GregTech patch is above the IC2 patch in the resource pack list.

v5.09.27 (and earlier) by MauveCloud
These patches should also be backward compatible with older GT5 builds. v5.07.07 by hazado
Note: Windows user can use a batch file here to automatically shuffle about some files. Other OS users will need to move the files manually. v5.07.02 by hazado v5.06.02 v5 to v5.05.13

v2.82a for MC1.4.7




Current Changelog
2021 Jan 21
Updated GTCE links to point to files provided by gabor6505.

2020 Dec 04
Updated Chemical Reactor gui for GT 5.09 (two item output slots now).
Added extra font texture files for subscript and superscript glyphs (currently only used if you have GT++ and/or GTNH, but there is a pending Pull Request to add them to regular GT5u). (pulled after more careful reading of the rules)

2020 Nov 28
Item material icons for GT++.
High-tier electrical component textures for GT 5.09.

2020 Nov 20
Updated GTCE tool textures for newer version of mod, and corrected a script typo that caused nearly all material-specific item textures (e.g. ingots, plates, dusts, gems, crushed ore) to be darker than they should have been.

2020 Oct 31
Added some GT++ textures.

2020 Feb 07
Improved large turbine textures (based on Tinkers' Steelworks patch texture)
Added plunger texture (based on public domain clipart)

2020 Feb 06
Added a few fluid textures:
Honey texture is simply copied from Forestry patch (since it is intended to be the same thing afaik).
Fluorine and Radon are recolored from another gas texture.
Added texture for small gear extruder shape.
Made different sizes of turbine item more distinct.
Better fix for centrifuge animation.

2020 Feb 05
Coil blocks (for electric blast furnace and a few other multiblocks) now have a texture based on the patched side texture of an Immersive Engineering wire coil.
Wires now have a texture made by rotating each quadrant of the patched top texture of an Immersive Engineering wire coil 180 degrees (to get a plus pattern instead of a square)

2019 Apr 11
Posted textures for GregTech Community Edition.

2017 Nov 01
Added textures for pump items (up to "insane" voltage, made by combining "cover" backgrounds of conveyor modules with 75%-sized overlay texture of pump machine, inspired by default texture of "pump module" item from GregTech 4 as shown on FTB wiki)
Removed textures of uncraftable rotors from 5.09.28+ packs, since some of them were now showing up for the LuV+ pump items.

2017 Oct 31
Added textures for: Coated Circuit Board, Epoxy Circuit Board, Multilayer Fiber-Reinforced Circuit Board, Phenolic Circuit Board, Fiber-Reinforced Circuit Board, Wetware Lifesupport Circuit Board, Plastic Circuit Board (recolored from patch texture for IC2 Tin Plate)
Changed texture for Programmed Circuit (edited from patch texture for IC2 Electronic Circuit)
Added textures for: Vacuum Tube, Glass Tube, Data Stick (upscaled and smoothed by hand from original mod textures)
Added textures for 5.09 circuits (mostly modified from GT 5.08 circuit textures, one copied from IC2 patch textures but with voltage overlay text added, and mainframe textures are upscaled from mod default textures (which were already 64x64) plus voltage overlay text added - voltage overlay text was inspired by a texture pack by Sapient; color sequence is mostly based on that used by the Color Graphics Adapter, and correlates with what tier Circuit Assembler (if any) is needed to make the circuit)
Added textures for wafers and cpu cores (upscaled without smoothing from default textures and text overlay labels added to make it easier to distinguish between e.g. an Integrated Logic Circuit Wafer and a QBit Wafer)

2017 Oct 24
Added overlay textures for new 5.09 multiblock controllers (copied from Electric Blast Furnace controller overlay, since default textures are identical between these multiblock overlays)

2017 Oct 22
Added Extruder front texture, improved Centrifuge animations.

2017 Oct 14
Added controller block textures for the Bricked Blast Furnace

2017 Oct 13
Updated 5.09 Bronze Blast Furnace gui, added Bricked Blast Furnace gui

2017 Oct 10
Added textures for compressed fireclay, firebrick, firebricks (recolored from base PureBDCraft textures)
Changed texture for 6-slot Assembler gui (copied from circuit assembler gui)

2017 Mar 10
Added new folder to GitHub (will be separate download in BDCraft forum thread) to handle GT5u circuit changes
Removed conflicting circuit textures from this folder (that were for the old circuit components)
Added machine front texture and GUI texture for circuit assembler.

2017 Mar 04
Redid texture for pump machine by cutting it out from the 2.82a textures.
Added dragon egg machine casing texture (cut out from the 2.82a textures).
Added top textures for fluid extractor, fluid heater, and forming press (copied from compressor, since default textures use the same top textures for these machines).
Added top textures for macerator and pulverizer (cut out from the 2.82a textures).
Added new side textures for forming press (copied from wiremill, since they seemed to be somewhat similar to the default side textures for the forming press).
Pulled Regulator GUI from 2.82a textures.

2017 Mar 02
Changed smooth forms of basalt, dark/light concrete, and marble to use shading at edges to indicate this, and plain forms of these stones are now recolored stone instead of recolored gravel (the textures that were formerly used for the smooth forms), because it felt all wrong to me to use recolored gravel textures for blocks that were not affected by gravity.
Fixed polarizer overlay texture (was using a 64x source texture in the 128x images, but similar enough to the assembler that I could modify that texture to make it look decent, instead of trying to upscale)
Fixed 1.10.2 crop textures (now expected under gregtech folder instead of ic2 folder, though the patcher from http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index ... post206805 is currently needed to use an IC2 build that supports crops)
Made enhanced version of Fusion Computer GUI.
Added texture for pump machine.

2017 Mar 01
Added transparent blank overlays for small gears of types diamond, shard, and shiny. (which had been inheriting overlays from default textures, making the gears look bad)
Fixed new issue with ore overlays being too dark (GregTech seems to do better at coloring them when the textures use the "Greyscale" colorspace, but the Sphaxify tool was converting them to RGB colorspace on the resize)
Fixed old issue with buzzsaw and turbine blades being too dark (and possibly some other items as well)
Removed some block textures that had been copied from default textures (and with the Sphaxify tool, would end up as 8x8 in the 64x patch and 4x4 in the 32x patch); They would get used when plates (sometimes double, triple, etc. plates) are placed as covers, so they wouldn't show up in NEI/JEI.
Added some fusion casing textures (some include GrumpyPirate's "atom" texture from the "Useful Resources to Sphaxify" thread).
Added crop textures for: Corpseplant, Meatrose, Zomplant (reused from Rose for first three stages, modified for final stage)

2017 Feb 28
Started using the Sphaxify tool. (thanks GrumpyPirate for making it)
Added GitHub repository (link below, under "Contributing")
Removed auxiliary versioning information (since watching this thread or the GitHub repo should tell you when the patch is updated)
Added patch for MC 1.10.2 version of the mod.

v0.34 - 09/07/2016
Added transparent centers to energy input overlays, to distinguish them from outputs.
Restored more-distinctive lignite ore texture that matches preview images (ninja update)
Added multiblock GUI for Advanced Miner II, copied from Oil Drilling Rig (ninja update)

v0.33 - 02/07/2016
Added entity textures for arrows (regular arrows copied from Sphax base textures, somewhat modified for potion arrows)
Added transparent bottom overlay textures for arc furnace and plasma arc furnace (no idea why default texures use a dark gradient for it), as well as for side overlays of machines that don't already have more specific side textures.
Attempted textures for: Slicer Blade (Flat), Slicer Blade (Stripes) (loosely based on default textures)
Added textures for: Empty Plastic Fuel Can, Plastic Fuel Can (smoothed incrementally by hand up to 512x from default textures; lower sizes are rescaled from that)
Added textures for: Large Steel Fluid Cell, Large Tungstensteel Fluid Cell (recolored from IC2 patch texture for Universal Fluid Cell)
Attempted texture for match (scaled and rotated stick from Sphax base textures, added match head)
Added textures for: Empty Circuit Board, Empty Processor Board (modified from existing textures for Basic Circuit Board and Processor Board)
Added textures for: cheeseburger, cheese, chilly pepper, cucumber, dough, grapes, hamburger, onion, tomato (copied from Harvestcraft patch)
Added machine textures for laser engraver (upscaled default texture to 128x without interpolation, then edited from there, other sizes are scaled from that)

v0.32 - 30/06/2016
Corrected some image sizes in the 128x patch (that were previously 512x for unknown reasons; 512x patch will still have them at full detail, for those few capable of using it)
Removed several GUIs that are not actually used by the mod.
Resized many fully-transparent overlay textures to 16x across all sizes of the patch, since they don't need the higher resolution.
Removed many fully-transparent overlay textures that were redundant with default textures.
Fixed half-full cadmium battery texture, so it no longer looks like a lithium battery.

v0.31 - 08/06/2016
Removed machine textures for Rock Breaker, after noticing that the same files are used for the Charcoal Pile Igniter and Seismic Prospector, which my textures are not appropriate for.
Attempted item textures for: electric screwdriver handle, buzzsaw handle, rolling pin
Added item texture for cookie shaped dough (re-colored from base Sphax texture for cookie)

v0.30 - 30/05/2016
Added crop textures for: Transformium (recolored from Oilberries), Coppon (recolored from Galvania), Creeperweed (recolored from Eating Plant)
Added item textures for: UUM Berry, UUA Berry (recolored from Bobs-Yer-Uncle-Berry)
Added item texture for coppon fiber (recolored string from base Sphax textures)
Added crop textures for: Glowheat, Flax, Lazulia (re-used wheat crop textures from IC2 patch for early stages, re-colored final stage)
Added crop textures for Eggplant (re-colored from Slimeplant, with eggs put in place of the slimes for the final stage)
Added crop textures for Enderbloom (re-colored from Rose, with ender pearls put in place of the flowers for the final stage)
Added crop textures for Tearstalks (re-colored from Slimeplant, with ghast tears added for the final stage)
Added crop textures for Trollplant (re-used from other crops, similar to how original textures seemed to have been done, added trollface by zsombizn downloaded from openclipart.org, added solid white background to face and resized to fit for final stage)
Added crop textures for Spidernip (heavily tweaked cobweb texture from base Sphax textures, added spider eyes for final stage)
Added crop textures for Milkwart and Starwart (re-colored from Terra Wart)

v0.29 - 24/05/2016
Added item texture for mortar (adapted from old GregTech 2.82a texture)
Added item textures for: gelled toluene, purple drink, mineral water, reed water, vinegar, vodka, leninade, salty water, rum, pirate brew, hops juice, dark beer, dragon blood, wheaty juice, scotch, Glen McKenner, wheaty hops juice, beer, chilly sauce, hot sauce, diabolo sauce, diablo sauce, Old Man Snitches glitched Diablo Sauce, cider, golden apple juice, golden cider, Idun's Apple Juice, lemon juice, limoncello, alcopops, Cave Johnson's Grenade Juice, holy water (recolored from main Sphax textures)
Added item textures for: grape juice, apple juice, lemonade, milk (copied from the HarvestCraft patch)
Added item texture for wine (copied from the Millenaire patch)
Added item texture for potato on a stick (combined from main Sphax textures)
Added item texture for roasted potato on a stick (combined and recolored from main Sphax textures)
Added item texture for fries (copied from Food Plus patch)

v0.28 - 19/05/2016
Re-purposed wire cutter texture as branch cutter texture
Added new textures for wire cutter (flipped, separated, and un-colored for metal part from IC2 wrench texture)
Made texture for thermos, and used it for several beverages contained in the thermos (dark coffee, dark coffee au lait, coffee, cafe au lait, lait au cafe, dark chocolate milk, chocolate milk, tea, sweet tea, ice tea)
Added textures for spray cans (copied from Jackleton's textures for Engineer's Toolbox, modified for empty spray can)

v0.27 - 16/05/2016
Removed borders from energy in/out overlay textures
Removed triangle borders from pipe in/out overlay textures
Added text to distinguish voltage levels of solar panel cover textures
Added item textures for higher-tier solar panels

v0.26 - 14/05/2016
Added machine texture for Rock Breaker
Added machine texture for Fusion Control Computer (re-used some 2.82a textures for it)
Added fluid textures for: Refinery Gas, Sulfuric Gas, Cracked Heavy Fuel, Cracked Light Fuel, Drilling Fluid, Epichlorhydrin, Heavy Fuel, Hydrogen Sulfide, Light Fuel, LPG, Naphtha, Nitration Mixture, Sulfuric Light Fuel, Sulfuric Heavy Fuel, Sulfuric Naphtha, Toluene, Nitric Acid, auto-generated plasma, Blue Vitriol, Nickel Sulfate, Titanium Tetrachloride
Added cover texture for solar panels (copied from IC2 patch)
Added textures for the remaining non-craftable GregTech versions of dye powders (copied from the main Sphax textures, since the rules now allow that)
Added texture for Lemon (copied from Forestry patch)

v0.25 - 11/05/2016
Re-fixed Assembler GUI output slot count
Added triangles to pipe-side overlays to make input hatches/buses distinguishable from output hatches/buses
Added overlay textures for: energy in/out faces
Added cell and crate icons to auto-output buttons to single-block machine GUIs (to make it easier to tell which is for fluids and which is for items)
Added multiblock GUIs: Distillation Tower, Drilling Rig, Large Heat Exchanger, Large Turbine, Oil Cracking Unit, Pyrolyse Oven
Added material block textures (re-colored from the Sphax textures for vanilla Block of Gold, Block of Diamond, Block of Iron, Block of Lapis Lazuli, and Block of Coal).

v0.24 - 09/05/2016
Fixed issue discovered with impure/purified dusts and hot ingots caused by alpha threshold in 32x, 64x, 256x, and 512x textures.

v0.23 - 09/05/2016
Added item textures for: turbine blades (un-colored from the Railcraft Turbine Blade), turbines (un-colored from the Railcraft Turbine Disk)
Updated item textures for: buzzsaw tool heads (my original texture came out a bit darker than other tool heads, so I made it lighter)
Added item textures for: fine wires (based on the Mariculture Golden Thread texture)
Added item textures for: soldering irons (based on the Forestry Soldering Iron)
Added aspect texture for: Strontio (by vertically flipping the Thaumcraft Cognitio texture - the default GregTech texture for it seems to be a horizontally flipped Cognitio, but I figured that would be too hard to see the difference with Sphax textures, so I went with a vertical flip instead)
Added attempts at machine textures for: Electromagnetic Separator, Fluid Solidifier, Fluid Heater, Fluid Extractor, Brewery (original textures I made in GIMP, so they probably aren't that good)
Added machine textures for: Large Turbines (scaled up and cut apart from the gas turbine side texture)
Added block textures for: cable insulation (based on the IC2 Rubber Block texture)
Added machine textures for: Fermenter (based on the IC2 Fermenter textures)
Added block texture for: Drain (extracted from the GT 2.82a textures for MC 1.4.7)

v0.22 - 07/05/2016
Added crop texture for: Oilberries (re-colored IC2 Coffee crops)
Updated target GT build to 5.09.22 (even though it's not officially released yet; it's available by compiling the files on GitHub)
Downscaled GUI images for 32x textures to be 512x512 instead of 1024x1024
Applied alpha threshold to the non-128x texture sets, which will hopefully prevent tools in hand from having transparent edges from alpha antialiasing done during scaling.
Added crop texture for: Slimeplant (IC2 Cocoa crop with re-colored final stage)
Added crop textures for: Liveroots, Steeleafranks, Bobsyeruncleranks (adapted from Twilight Forest root strand)
Added crop textures for: Brown Mushrooms, Red Mushrooms (copied from the IC2 crop textures, since they have the same drops)
Added item textures for: Oil Berry, Bobs-Yer-Uncle-Berry (re-colored Binnie's Mods blueberry)
Added item textures for: Uranium and MOX fuel rods (copied from IC2 textures, since they're intended to be the same items, just with somewhat different behavior in GT as of 5.09.17)
Added item textures for: Soft Mallet, though only for material categories that soft mallets can actually be made from (and the "None" material type for showing it in the NEI list).

v0.21 - 19/01/2016
Added crop textures for: Argentia, Bauxia, Corium, Galvania, Indigo, Nickelback, Platina, Plumbilium, Pyrolusium, Scheelinium, Titania (IC2 patch Ferru textures re-used for beginning stages, re-colored for final stages)
Added crop textures for: Blazereed, Diareed, Withereed (IC2 patch Reed textures re-colored for beginning stages, and final stage of Blazereed and Diareed)

v0.20 - 06/01/2016
Copied plank textures from main PureBDCraft pack for use as covers (if I'm correctly interpreting the 2015 Apr 05 change to the license, they can now be included directly instead of needing to offer a batch file to copy them)
Added bronze gui background for: bronze blast furnace, bronze boiler, bronze alloy smelter, bronze compressor, bronze extractor, bronze furnace, bronze hammer, bronze macerator
Corrected gui slots for assembler (only has 1 output slot, not 4)
Added textures for: Helium and NaK coolant cells, thorium cells (all re-colored from IC2 patch textures)
Added missing mcmeta files for steam turbine to 32x, 64x, 256x, and 512x textures.

v0.19 - 01/01/2016
Added animation to centrifuge front and side textures
Added tentative textures for: Distillery, Electric Furnace (from 2.82a textures), Recycler (based on IC2 textures), Forming Press, Plasma Arc Furnace
Copied macerator textures to pulverizer (mod base textures are distinct, but function is similar)
Copied gas turbine side textures to steam turbine (mod base textures are identical between the two)

v0.18 - 28/12/2015
Added tentative textures for: Buzzsaw blades, Empty Crate, Printed Pages
Re-used "Basic Electronic Circuit" texture for "Integrated Circuit" (since the former isn't really obtainable - recipes for it produce the IC2 Electronic Circuit instead)
Removed blurry upscaled-from-16x-original fine wire textures.
Updated GT version listed in pack.mcmeta (now shows 5.09.15 instead of 5.06.02).

V0.17 - 19/12/2015
Added tentative textures for: Emitter (all voltages), Electric Piston (remaining voltages), molds (baguette, cylinder, anvil, name, arrow head, small gear)
Improved bread mold texture

V0.16 - 12/12/2015
Generated multiple texture sizes (512x-32x)
Restored front overlays for some machines from one of the older patches: Canner, Electrolyzer, Fluid Canner, Microwave, Ore Washer, Thermal Centrifuge
Re-purposed an old texture for use as Zero Point Module
Added tentative textures for: Lapotronic Orb Cluster, Iron Minecart Wheels, Steel Minecart Wheels, Mold (Bread), Electric Piston (LV)

V0.15 - 13/01/2015
Added all but one of the thaumcraft aspects (Couldn't come up with a good looking version for the brain looking one)
Machine Casing Warnings all done (Thanks Eskimojo14)
Redid Ovelay Locker and Maintenance
Added some Higher Definition Pipes (They look okay, but could probably be reworked)
Gregtech Books
Dyes (Some taken from Biomes O'Plenty patch)
Plank Covers (Taken from Forestry Patch)
Bolt, Foil, Screw, and the 2 Springs MetaItems done (Thanks NovaManga)

30/12/2014 by hazdo
Okay added the coins (yes I realized the golden coin has a potato on it)
Rest of the arrows
Added the Double-Quintuplet ingots and plates

V0.14 - 27/12/2014 by hazado
Animated the Compressor and Bender overlays and the Steam Furnace Front
Added the Locker Overlay with 0-9 Numbers and Hazmat Icon
Maintenance Overlay done as well
Machine Casing Clean Stainless Steel done
Did all the basic GUI's and a few other complicated ones (Didn't put fancy icons in there, Someone more talented than myself can do that)

V0.13 - 25/12/2014 by hazado
Finished all the fluids
Did all the Basalt, Granite, Concrete and Marble Decoration Blocks (Colors look off, someone fix it!)
Coal and Lava Boiler front (Animated goodness here)
Firebox Machine casings
Radioactive Hazard Decoration Block (Need someone to make up the others)
Meta Items done - Crates (Need the Plate for leaf to be done), Exquisite Gems, Centrifuged ore

V0.12 - 24/12/2014
Added meta update by hazado for v5.07.02

V0.11 - 24/12/2014
Updated file structure by hazado for v5.07.01

V0.11 - 11/11/2014
-Extruding Plates
-Machine Alloy Smelter
-Machine Arc Furnace
-Machine Assembler
-Machine Bender
-Machine Centrifuge
-Machine Chemical Bath
-Machine Chemical Reactor
-Machine Compresspr
-Machine Cutter
-Machine Extractor
-Machine Macerator
-Steam Machines
-Machine Multiblock Controller
-GUI Battery Buffers
-GUI Bronze Blast Furnace
-GUI Bronze Boiler
-GUI Chest Buffer
-GUI Large Boiler
-GUI Maintenance Hatch
-GUI Solar Boiler
-GUI Steel Boiler
-GUI Supper Buffer
-GUI MultiBlock Machines

v0.10 - 10/26/2014
-Durability Bar
-Energy Bar
-Etched Wiring
-Sifting Gems

-Made circuits based off the Gregtech construction style
v0.9 - 10/1/2014
-Batteries All
-Laptron Energy Orb
-Electric Motors
-Fan Blades
-Shield Thingy
-Panels - Redstone,Tank,Monitor,Crafting,Vent,Solar
-Gregtech Sensor Kit
-Green and blue data crystals
-Bronze Casing
-Bronze Blast Furnace
-Steel Machine Casing
-Machine Casing
-Froostproof Casing
-Radaitionproof Casing
-Titanium Casing
-Tungstensteel Casing
-Heatproof Casing

-Red Granite now looks more red than Pink

v0.8 - 9/17/2014
-Wet Concrete
-Black Granite
-Red Granite
-Battery Full Images

-Blue Data Circuit

v0.7 - 9/8/2014
-All Circuits
-Monitor Cover
-Debug Scanner
-Saw Blade
-Grinder Head
-Iridium Alloy Ingot

-Drill Overlays

v0.6 - 9/6/2014
-Machine Input Side
-Machine Muffler
-Block Metal Shiny
-Data Storage & Control Circuit

-Machine Blank overlays with a color sided panel
-Extractor sides and top overlays

v0.5 - 9/2/2014
-Metal Plating for covers
-Saw with handle overlay
-Dirty Dust all
-Pure Dust all

-HV Machine - now has more yellow color
-Gears Metallic and Shiny - New gear to look more metallic
-Dust - to fit better with dirty and purified overlays
-Wrench with rubber overlay - Made custom rubber texture

v0.4 - 8/28/2014
-Tiny Dust
-Sickle with overlay
-Universal Shovel
-Machine backings for all tiers(Except for max)
-Chemical Reactor
-Fluid Canner
-Ore Washer

-Altered Alloy smelter with AA backing

Graphic Fix
-Crushed ore no longer has green hue on left rock

v0.3 - 8/27/2014
-LV Machine backing
-Alloy Smelter front
-Centrifuge front, side, top
-Pickaxe with overlay
-Shovel with overlay
-Hoe with overlay
-Axe with overlay
-Crowbar with overlay
-Blank overlays added to items without to prevent future issues

-Crushed Ore with overlay

Graphic Fix
-Rods are now smaller to match tools
-AA is fixed on Shears
-No more Sparkles on Shiny dust
-No more Sparkles on Shiny Gears
-Matched the soft plates with metal plates

v0.2 - 8/26/2014
-Power Unit(For Drills)
-Drill Head
-Chainsaw Head
-Wrench Electric Head
-Shears with overlay
-Wrench with overlay
-Sword with overlay

v0.1 - 8/26/2014
-Crushed, Purified ore
-Dust(Missing Purified, Dirty, Small, Tiny)
-Ruby Gem

Old Changelog
Version: 4.05h
*Compatible with 1.6.4
#Added: Tiny piles of dust
#Added: Dirty pules of dust
#Fixed: Some textures were 512x...oops.
#In-Progress: The textures are being remade properly and will scale better. Will be able to export all sizes as soon as I am finished.
#Changed: I am adding versioning information into the name of the files to keep track of my progress. My own insanity...

Verison: 3.08g
*Updated: Now compatible with 1.5.x
#Added: Wood shelves with books
#Added: Numerous animations
#Added: Missing ores
#Added: Missing dusts
#Added: Solder
#Added: Some missing materials
*Updated: New buttons on most gui panels
#Added: Many missing machine blocks
!Note: Not compatible with 1.4.7 and lower

Version: 2.81e
#Added: Wood and Metal shelves, Filing Cabinet, Compartment, Desk
*Updated: Safe front

Version: 2.81a
#Added: ElectricTypeSorter GUI

Version: 2.80f
!Note: Not compatible with older versions of mod
#Added: Automatic Macerator, Automatic Compressor, Automatic Extractor, Automatic Canner, Automatic Electric Furnace, Automatic Recycler, Alloy Smelter and Wiremill blocks and GUIs
*Updated: EletricAutoCraftingBench GUI

Version: 2.79e
#Added: Conveyer Module which I missed from 2.79c

Version: 2.79c
#Added: AdvPump block and GUI

Version: 2.78k[r2]
*Updated: InventoryManager block (which also means other blocks may have been effected)
*Updated: ElectricWorkbench GUI so the "fuzzy" recipe button looks different to the 3x3 button
#Added: InventoryManager GUI

Version: 2.78k
#Added: 2 new bits of block so the Inventory Manager shows up properly
*Updated: ElectricAutoWorkbench GUI

Version: 2.78a
#Added: Safe GUI
*Tweaked: AdvSafe block to be like old IC2 personal chest. So blue instead of a weird pinky/purple

Version: 2.77c
#Added: Galena dust and smalldust

Version: 2.77b
#Added: SeedOil and Sulfuric Acid cells

Version: 2.76d
#Added: Distillation Tower block and GUI
*Changed: Silver ore to Silverlead ore

Version: 2.77a
!Note: Not compatible with older versions
#Added: Plutonium and Thorium dust
*Updated: Magic Energy Absorber GUI

Version: 2.76b
#Added: Magic Energy Absorber block and GUI

Version: 2.76a
!Note: Not compatible with older versions
#Added: Magic Syphon block
*Updated: AdvancedRegulator GUI

Version: 2.75b
#Added: Sulfur, Sodium Sulfide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Nitrocarbon Cell
#Added: Chemical Reactor GUI
*Updated: Chemical Reactor block

Version: 2.75a
#Added: Dragon Egg Syphon block

Version: 2.74d
#Added: Tungstensteel (I prefer "Tungsteel") and Iridium Hardened Tungsten block
#Added: Tungstensteel ingot and Hot Tungstensteel (that's what they're called right? I forget...)

Version: 2.74b
#Added: Nuggets, tasty tasty nuggets...
#Added: More metal blocks

Version: 2.74a
#Added: Vacuum Freezer block and GUI, Advanced Regulator and GUI and Ice Cell

Version: 2.73b
#Added: Phosphur, Coal, Gold, Tin, Iron, Copper, Silver, Bronze and Clay dust

Version: 2.72b
#Added: Nitro-Glyceral cell

Version: 2.72a
#Added: Bio Diesel, Diesel, Oil, Creosote and Biomass cells, SemiFluid Generator block and GUI, Invar ingot and dust
*Fixed: Invar smalldust

Version: 2.71b
#Added: Glyceryn and Nitro-Coal cells, charcoal dust, redrock dust, marble dust, basalt dust, obsidian dust, wolfram grinder, Thermal Generator block and GUI

Version: 2.61b
#Added: GasTurbine block and GUI

Version: 2.61a
#Added: Diesel Generator block and GUI

Version: 2.60c
#Added: Machine Parts and Hulls
*Tweaked: nearly every single block in the terrain.png to clean up shading and whatnot :x
*Tweaked: A lot of the blocks now have arrows on which were missing before
*Overhauled: Side of the Centrifuge block

Version: 2.60b
*Tweaked: Superconductive cable to tidy up shading and alignment
*Updated: ElectricAutoWorkbench again

Version: 2.55a
*Updated: ElectricAutoWorkbench GUI again - I left the old buttons so it's backwards compatible for now

Version: 2.54c
#Added: Ash and Dark ash

Version: 2.54a
#Added: Sawmill block (thanks pcmaster160) and GUI
#Added: Alloyed Iridium Ingot, Mag... (I keep wanting to call it Mongoloid) plate, Wood plate, wood pulp

Version: 2.53d
#Added: update to Implosion machine (thanks pcmaster160)

Version: 2.53a
#Added: Implosion block (thanks pcmaster160) and GUI
*Updated: AutoCraftBench GUI (on older versions of the mod you'll see either one or two unclickable buttons)

Version: 2.52c
#Added: Olivine and Soldate Ore, NaK coolant cells
*Updated: AutoCraftBench GUI (on older versions of the mod you'll see an unclickable button)

Version: 2.52b
#Added: Sheldonite and Tungstate Ore, Manganese dust
*Updated: Electrolyzer GUI and ElectricSorter GUI

Version: 2.51d
#Added: All GUIs

Version: 2.51a
#Initial non-WIP release.

07:19 UK: machines finished by pcmaster160; ctm blocks done also

03:53: more of the machine blocks by pcmaster160; all of the compressed blocks, machine blocks, etc.; all the armours, duct tape
01:04 UK: most blocks by pcmaster160; jackhammer, sonictron item, debug item, destructo, light helmet item, rockcutter, teslastaff

17:21 UK: lapotronic orb, cloaking orb, data orb
07:11 UK: ores and compressed blocks
05:50 UK: by pcmaster160 -> quantum chest, computercube, uum-assembler, adjustable/lapotronic/inter-dimensional energystorage, charge-o-mat, industrial centrifuge, playerdectector, lightning rod
02:39 UK: Added saw and grinder
00:38 UK: Added heating coils and silicon plate

17:25 UK: Added reflector, both mortar & pestles, circuits, conductors and monitor
03:36 UK: Added the rest of the cells, Lithium battery, Lithium batpack item (not armour), sensor card and kit
00:20 UK: Added a lot of the cells

20:01 UK: Added Platinum and Nickel dusts and Credits, Ingots, Gems

23:37 UK: Small dusts
07:11 UK: Large dusts


This patch is now on GitHub - to contribute, fork the repository and make a PR with any additions/changes - I'll look at them when I get the chance.


pcmaster160 for a lot of the machine blocks
Timmie3054 for various items and blocks
CadenDonuts for various items and blocks
HanFox until version v2.82a & Plank Covers from later versions
Quintine for adding whatever came v2.82a - 3.08
DumbGuyDan for anything 3.08g until he disappeared December, 2013 as did his links.
Cerous for anything after 6th September, 2014
hazado for anything after 24th December, 2014
EskiMojo14 for Warning Blocks
NovaManga for bolt, foil, screw, and the 2 springs
IamProvocateur for dyes
MauveCloud for anything after 12th December, 2015
Sphax for some re-used plank and dye textures
Jackleton for re-used spray can textures
GrumpyPirate for Atom texture (used in fusion casing "glass" textures)
gabor6505 for GTCE textures
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Post 02 Jul 2013, 00:14

Is this version compatible with MineCraft 1.5+?
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BDcraft Web Admin
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Post 02 Jul 2013, 07:24

No idea.

It should support MC1.5 to some degree, but I no longer maintain the patch.
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Post 08 Jul 2013, 12:56

For me it doesn`t works. There will be no new version of texturepack?
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Post 09 Jul 2013, 19:12

I am currently updating this for 1.5.x.

I am about 90% done and over the next few days will be making more progress. I will upload as soon as I get all the blocks done. The rest of the items will be finished later.
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Post 16 Jul 2013, 08:33

Hey :)

Great work !

But i have a question about the GUI of the Fusion Computer (Part of Fusion Reactor). It's not textured, right? I would love to see this one textured.

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Post 16 Jul 2013, 23:12

Yeah. I mostly worked on things that just needed a bit of a tweak. I will be tackling the harder stuff once I get the minor stuff out of the way. Better to have it mostly correct than to wait for one piece.

I am working on it, but I have some stuff coming up that will make it hard to update for a week or so. Be patient. It will get updated. :D
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Post 17 Jul 2013, 00:13

I am astonished how frequently things get uptdated here! :)
The texture pack is like a big diamond chest full of diamonds and yes i am sorry for my impatience.

Again great work and thanks for the reply
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Post 21 Jul 2013, 11:39

How do install this?

I presume i stick it in the /mods/ folder of my Sphax TP Compilation.
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Post 21 Jul 2013, 14:25

Yes. The zip has the mods folder in it, so you just merge it with your mods folder inside the Sphax TP and it should be installed properly.
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