Thinking of making custom modpack server. More in thread.

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Post 14 Feb 2015, 19:15

Hallo! So I've been wanting to make custom modpack server for me and a small group for a while and I was hoping that the people who start on the server wouldn't stop playing like after second week of the server. For now the style of the modpack is still unclear for me but I would make it most likely from the requests of the people who want to join the server. No ferature of a mod would be blocked on the server but you would be banned if you were to blow up peoples bases or grief in some other way.

So for now I'll be giving places for 9-13 players for the server if I can get enough players to apply for this server then I'll be making the pack. I'll accept only 16+ years old people to server. Sorry for you younger fans of the game. Or if you "know" me I might give you a place even if you were bit younger just PM me if that is the case.

This is the application you need to send to this if you wish to join.

In Game Name :
Age :
Experience with the game and mods/modpacks. :
Short explanation why you would want to join :

Otherwise you can just freely chat about this subject here in my opinion. Dunno what moderators like bout this tough. :P
If you need to contact me for any reason add me on skype. My skype account is keddoxz.