[128x] future-mc and future-versions [MC1.12]

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Post 05 Jun 2019, 07:15

a dual mod patch for both future-mc and future versions. I made it one instead of 2 as they both have the same idea, add stuff from 1.13 and above, but where future-mc has quality and working items, future versions has quantity and about 4x the amount of items, tho not as well done. Because of this i can see people normally adding both and just dissabling some things from each mod and doing other stuff.
the reason there is no textures for the old versions is that i cant draw so untill i start actually drawing the stuff and not just recoloring or copying it, no new textures :p shouldnt be long tho.
IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL TEXTURES IN THIS BELONG TO SPHAX I DIDNT CREATE ANY OF THEM SO DONT THANK ME FOR MAKING THEM. I just reworked the paths to make it work and some of the json files i edited slightly.
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