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Post 31 Jul 2016, 03:33

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster-- at least with anything significant :) .

So I went through the 64x version and conformed the textures to the structure and filenames for hc 1.8.9e, making notes as I went as to what was changed or missing.

Here are the links:

Text file listing changes to structure of and missing files in 1.8.9e

EDIT II: The original link to the 1.8.9 conformed .zip contained a file that wasn't renamed when it should have been, so here's the link to the fixed .zip:

FIXED .zip file with conformed (but incomplete) 1.8.9e 64x texture pack

I'm about to diff the original 64x texture pack (I'm working with the 64x pack because it has more files than the 128x pack) against 1.7.10Lb (which is the last available 1.7.10 version of HC), and hopefully I'll have a file up listing the missing files (and any changes, if applicable) pretty soon (meaning in a couple of hours if all goes well, or 24 hours from now if it doesn't). After that, I hope to list at least the changes/missing for 1.9.4, and perhaps 1.10.2 as well, but I'm not so excited about 1.10.2 that I'm whipping myself to get that done (sorry). But who knows?

EDIT: Well, it was only two hours then :D

List of missing files for HC 1.7.10Lb, which is the latest 1.7.10 HC version.

Anyway, hope this is somehow helpful to the project-- I really hope that we can get this patch completed before .... the next blue moon (or before Pam adds another 1200 items to HarvestCraft) :3 . Thanks for all the work so far; even in its current incomplete state, this seems to me to be the only 1.7.10 or higher texture patch for HC in any resource pack that I've found. Mod support is what keeps me coming back to Sphax, and I'm glad to do a bit to help out.


Last but not least, we now have

a list of the missing files for HC1.9.4-1.10.2 and

a .zip file with conformed (but incomplete) 1.9.4-1.10.2e 64x texture patch REMOVED FOR CORRECTION, see below

Less than 150 textures stands between us and this patch being done. Just so you know. There are, on average, 1343 files in the HC textures folder (1415 in 1.7.10Lb, 1294 in 1.8.9e, and 1321 in 1.9.4-1.10.2)

So that means that you heroes (and heroines) have completed more than 1200 textures for this pack. 90% of this patch is DONE! Congratulations!

Looking forward to seeing this patch get off the WIP forum on on the list of releases! Thanks!!
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Post 31 Jul 2016, 08:53

holliberri, nice job. One thing though is you need to change the pack_format data in the mc.meta file to 2 for it to work in MC1.9 or MC1.10.
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Post 31 Jul 2016, 10:16

It's a shame that some of the textures that have still been left in the zip are either photographs (e.g. items/bananasplitItem, items/californiarollitem, etc.) or some just look like they be clipart or cartoon filtered photographs (items/brusselsprouts, items/celeryitem, etc.).

In the very least the photographs need removing as they likely breach copyrights and should never have been in the patch anyway.
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Post 31 Jul 2016, 14:03

@Novamanga: Thanks! And thanks for the correction:

here's the corrected 1.94-1.10.2 conformed .zip file.

@HanFox: I do have a partial list of ... let's call them "less than perfect" textures. I thought I was going out today (last day of vacation), but it's raining here in The Netherlands, so probably not. So it looks like I might be able to finish that list today. At least then you/we would have some idea how many textures need replacing with "true Sphax" versions.

I truly regret that I have no skill whatsoever in graphics/texturing, or I'd try my hand at filling some of these in myself. But I'm happy to have found a way to contribute :) .

TTYL (with the last list).

EDIT for typos.
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Post 01 Aug 2016, 16:55

Awesome work Holliberri.

You have inspired me to do some more work too. After reading your three reports on the three packs I started thinking about the mammoth task of maintaining all these packs. Your work showed us where the differences lay so I made a spreadsheet.
The sheet lists all of the files that exist in the textures folder of the jars published by Pam.

Then I gathered together as many 128x128 pngs as I could find from the various packs that I have seen in this thread and I dumped them all into one folder (there were only 2 name clashes).

Then I used the spreadsheet to hack together a script that would re-build a particular pack and extended this to all four versions of the pack.

The result should be fairly easy to use and as people draw the missing textures that you identified in your work, we can add them to the images folder and re-run the script to re-create the affected packs.

I have uploaded this to GitHub (there may be better solutions out there but I don't know what they would be).
If anyone finds a problem with any pack they can open an issue at github.
If anyone finds a solution or a mistake in the scripts they can edit the file at github and make a pull request.
If anyone else wants write access to this repository I am happy to share the responsibility or we could turn it into an Organisation repo.


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Post 02 Aug 2016, 16:04

could someone make a 128x version of the 1.9 and 1.10?
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Post 03 Aug 2016, 08:41

ashow9 wrote:could someone make a 128x version of the 1.9 and 1.10?
My understanding is that the textures in Harvestcraft didn't change between 1.9.4 and 1.10.2. So the pack that Holliberri put together recently, linked to in OP, should work for at least one of your requests.

I am not 100% sure as I am not yet working with those versions of MC.


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Post 17 Oct 2016, 18:10

Oops, sorry but I posted a noteable missing imaged on the github for v10.2 can delete it as I thought it was a completed BDcraft. Can delete it from there if you want.
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Post 19 Nov 2016, 15:00

SrDrMr PM'ed me a 128x pack for 1.10.2.

Have linked to it from OP but I have not checked it out. If anyone could do that and post their feedback here that would be great.

Thanks SrDrMr!
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Post 19 Nov 2016, 20:28

LakMoore wrote:SrDrMr PM'ed me a 128x pack for 1.10.2.

Have linked to it from OP but I have not checked it out. If anyone could do that and post their feedback here that would be great.

Thanks SrDrMr!

Looks really good except that the cakes are missing textures (ie purple/black squares). Also still don't have sphax textures for the fish and some other things.

It looks great though.
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