[512x - 32x] Silent's Gems [MC1.12, 1.18]

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Post 05 Apr 2019, 05:33


Adds 48 new gemstones to the game! These can be used to craft a variety of building blocks and, more importantly, tools.

The tools are highly modular: you can build a single tool out of multiple types of gems (and other things). The stats of such a tool will depend on the parts used. After building a tool, it's appearance can be changed without changing the stats. Many higher tier tools also have special abilities that run on a type of energy called 'Chaos'.

Other blocks and items of note include modular armor, lamps, teleporters (powered by Chaos), enchantment tokens (which allow enchanting without randomness, but costing valuable materials), the torch bandolier (stores 1024 torches in a single slot), and more!


for MC1.18 by PlatinumPunch

for MC1.12




September 16th, 2022 - MC1.18 release
April 4th 2019 - first WIP


Sphax - for PureBDCraft textures which were sampled (blocks: Emerald ore, Emerald Block, Netherrack, End Stone, Stone Bricks, Flower Pot; entitiy: Magma Cube; items: Ender Pearl, Gold Helmet/Chestplate/Leggings/Boots, Pumpkin Seeds, Leather; Models: Gold Armor layer 1 and 2)
CadenDonuts, LlamaFarmer - for whoever drew the Red Matter item for the ProjectE/EE2 patch
Novamanga - for the Peridot item texture from Project:Red 128x for MC1.7.10 and for the Energy Crystal texture from IndustrialCraft² 512x for MC1.12
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Post 29 Aug 2021, 02:54

Is there a MC1.16 version of this ?
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Post 09 Jul 2022, 01:23

Lordlony wrote:
29 Aug 2021, 02:54
Is there a MC1.16 version of this ?
Considering the major changes; it might be a while.
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Post 16 Sep 2022, 00:14

Hi there, I have updated this to the 1.18 version. This thread can be moved to Releases for Mods.

for MC1.18
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