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Experience Minecraft in ways you never thought possible.
Explore new lands, experience new mechanics, and use new tools!

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Hacker Tools

Explore the base and find all the different hacked weapons. Hack your way to victory with Hacker Tools!


Lava Survival

Are you ready for this difficult challenge? Survive in the middle of the lava and build your kingdom! Good Luck!!


Lucky Block Race

Welcome to the Lucky Block Race! Break the lucky blocks and reach the finish line at the end. Once there, a battle awaits you: be fast, be smart and defeat your friends!


One Block Lucky Block

A world for lucky players!
Break the block you're on to get started, then search for question mark cubes around the map which contain random loot!


One Block

Dig the cube you are on! Every time the one cube ground breaks, it's replaced with a new block. Join the fun!



See the ores and mines underground through the blocks with the x-ray tool! Be careful, avoid the lava while digging. It's now easier to find materials with the X-ray tool.