[64x] DiggyVerse [MC 1.7.10]

Tekkit? Feed the Beast? All texture compilations (WIP and full releases) for mod packs go in here.
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You won't find complex machines here but if you love building, exploring and having fun with friends this could be the ModPack for you!

DiggyVerse is a modpack put together and maintained by me, DiggyWig, it includes:

Popular mods such as RailCraft, Bibliocraft, Natura, Metallurgy and Tinkers Construct.

Less well known mods such as Parachute Mod & Redstone Paste.

Exclusive and custom made mods including DiggysStuff and DiggysMobs make it truly unique and link the server plugins and mods together in ways which would not normally be possible with an official pack.

In total the pack contains more than 80 mods and aims to be an "enhanced vanilla experience".

The modpack also has an official server, see the link below for more details and a complete mod list.


MC 1.7.10




Version 2.0.2: Removed some unused textures.
Version 2.0.1: Added around 50 additional or improved Thaumcraft textures.
Version 2.0.0: Massive update due to modpack moving from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10, 2000+ changes.
Version 1.1.7: Replaced 32 textures with newer/improved versions.
Version 1.1.6: Added 7 new textures ready for next update of DiggysStuff & DiggysMobs.
Version 1.1.5: Added textures ready for next mod update (8 new DiggysStuff blocks).
Version 1.1.4: Added over 100 new textures and replaced around 300 with newer/improved versions.
Version 1.1.3: Replaced around 150 textures with newer/improved versions.
Version 1.1.2: Added 20+ textures for 2 additional mod modules.
Version 1.1.1: Added textures for some new blocks.
Version 1.1.0: Added textures for 1 new mod, 4 new mobs (DiggysMobs) and other new blocks/items.
Version 1.0.9: Added textures for 2 new mods and a few custom block additions.
Version 1.0.8: Added 11 new textures for Metallurgy (full orbs).
Version 1.0.7: Replaced all 16 'Dyeable Glowstone' textures with new improved animated versions.
Version 1.0.6: Added textures ready for next update (8 new DiggysStuff blocks).
Version 1.0.5: Updated some Chisel and Carpenters Blocks textures.
Version 1.0.4: Initial public release, 100% complete.


Various original textures - Sphax.

Some Additional Mob Textures - Morgsta270

Various Alternative Vanilla Textures - MushirMickeyJoe

Backpack Textures (reused) - DeRigeurEx
Portal Textures (reused) - Novamanga
Useful Food (reused) - Sir Oldie
Pams Harvestcraft WIP (reused) - Various Artists

Balkons Weapon Mod - crumbl3d
BiblioCraft - Linyor
BiblioWoods - Linyor
Carpenters Blocks - HanFox
Cart Livery - kuenzign
Chest Transporter - elCarel
Chisel - Rockawill, Sranshaft & various others!
Chococraft - Hachiseiko, quin2k and cybermaxke.
Doggy Talents - X00LA, Gainspipr & Sparkst3r
Enchanting Plus - Sir Oldie
ExtraTiC - Novamanga
GardenStuff - Caeldeth
GrowthCraft - GrumpyPirate
Metallurgy - ashow9
Natura - Linyor
NEI - HanFox
Railcraft - HanFox
Project Bench Textures - jwaterfall
GardenStuff - Caeldeth
The Spice Of Life - HanFox
Storage Drawers - EskiMojo14
Thaumcraft - Sillyman344
TicTweaks - Novamanga
Tinkers Construct - Novamanga
Wild Caves - HanFox