[128x/64x] Feed The Beast: Stirecraft [MC1.6]

Tekkit? Feed the Beast? All texture compilations (WIP and full releases) for mod packs go in here.
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Post 03 Oct 2014, 17:40

Stirecraft is a Feed The Beast Third-Party Modpack with a lot of different mods, both Technic and Magic. Stirecraft also has optional Quests which improves the game play.


  • Download Sphax PureBDCraft for Minecraft 1.6.4 in the resolution you want to play in. Link
  • Download this patch in the same resolution.
  • Merge the two archives you just downloaded
  • Put the merged archive in the resourcepack folder of Stirecraft
  • Start Stirecraft and select the Resource Pack from the Main Menu
  • Have Fun :D
If you get a out of memory error, try allocating more RAM to Stirecraft (3GB is recommended with 64x)


64x is recommended


If you find missing textures that are not listed on the Not Textured list or if you have other problems with the patch, please say so in the comments.

There is a bug with the patch that causes ComputerCraft computers to have white dots on the screen, this is due to the font BDCraft 1.6 uses, I resolved the problem during testing by placing the BDCraft 1.8 font in the 1.6 BDCraft Pack. Sadly i can't include BDCraft textures inside the patch so if its bothering you, then you have to replace the font yourself.

Not Textured or Missing Textures

Ars Magica 2
Equivalent Exchange 3
Hardcore Ender Expansion
Mekanism Bronze and Osmium Armor
Modular Powersuits Addons
Steve's Carts 2
Steve's Factory Manager
Thaumcraft 4


Advanced Machines by HanFox
Advanced Solar Panels by HanFox
Applied Energistics by HanFox
Ars Magica 2 by Sillyman34 & MikeZilla
Bibliocraft by TrAnE & Linyor
BiblioWoods Addons by Linyor
Big Reactors by viesiu & HanFox
Biomes O' Plenty by _Rein20_, maldicion069, SPARKST3R, HanFox, snake2332, IamProvocateur, Daverball, BonaireDreams, Mr.Scales & joeknek
Buildcraft by CadenDonuts & HanFox
Chisel by Rockawill, Sranshaft, Nintendofan97, Shadowl33ch, NightCrowler, GrumpyPirate, Becky & ZEEGEE
ComputerCraft by Sparkst3r & CadenDonuts
DartCraft by NintendoFan37, Sparkst3r, HanFox, CadenDonuts, KaosKlaus, jwaterfall, Novamanga, crumbl3d, matthewb117 & Zerant
DenPipes by HanFox
EnderStorage by Sparkst3r & CadenDonuts
EnhancedPortals by Novamanga, Sillyman34, xF4m3 & Daxtillion
Equivalent Exchange 3 by CadenDonuts
Extra Bees and Trees (Binnie's Mods) by HanFox, Llama Farmer, Pickle6415 & Sir Oldie
Extra Cells by HanFox
Extra TiC by Novamanga
Extra Utilities by BonaireDreams, Laruae, Novamanga, NintendoFan37, KeddoXZ, b0bst3r & Zerant
Factorization by BigDaveNz1, Ailithe, Zernicalo, CadenDonuts, Pcmaster160, Travoc & Hanfox
Forestry by HanFox, Amon, pcmaster160, CadenDonuts & SPARKST3R
Forge Multipart by HanFox
Galacticraft by Novamanga, Flashman111, CadenDonuts, HanFox, Timmie3054 & PCMaster160
Gravitation Suite by PCMaster160, Spanky, CadenDonuts, HanFox
Gravity Gun by RickyTheHedgehog & Deniz_che
Hardcore Questing Mode by NintendoFan37, Sparkst3r, CadenDonuts, Laruae, Novamanga & Nhawks17
Hardcore Ender Expansion by Chase98 & Nhawks17
Hats by Bobsteru, HanFox, CadenDonuts, Zernicalo & The Railcraft team
IC2 Nuclear Control by HanFox
IndustrialCraft 2 by HanFox, ruyan, Amon, pcmaster160, CadenDonuts, Timmie3054, Breuk & SPARKST3R
Iron Chests by HanFox, pcmaster160, Timmie3054 & CadenDonuts
JABBA by Novamanga & BigDaveNz1
Logistics Pipes by ZernicaloHD
Magic Bees by HanFox, SPARKST3R & MysteriousAges
Mekanism by unpairedbracket, NintendoFan37, tama63, CadenDonuts, HanFox, b0bst3r & GrumpyPirate
Metallurgy by ashow9, MrTylon, Rockawill & Novamanga
MineFactory Reloaded by Sparkst3r, KaosKlaus, CadenDonuts, HanFox, Captainnorris, Daverball, Viesiu, b0bst3r & Llama Farmer
ModularForceFieldSystem by Novamanga
ModularPowersuits by DanniL113, Hanfox, Ruyan, pcmaster160, SPARKST3R & Timmie3054
Morph by Morgsta270
Mystcraft by HanFox, Sparkst3r, Akaisama, Slowpoke101, NintendoFan & CadenDonuts
Natura by Linyor, HanFox, AranhaPreta, Novamanga & AristaDeathbird
NEI-Addons by HanFox
NEI-Plugins by HanFox
NetherOres by HanFox & ruyan
NotEnoughItems by HanFox & DeRigeurEx
OpenBlocks by dozid, Mikeemoo, HanFox, NintendoFan37 & Llama Farmer
Project:Red by Duckstepper, Timmie3054 & HanFox
qCraft by boundingstar & others
Railcraft by HanFox, PCMaster160, Timmie3054, DSR, CadenDonuts & BobertThe3rd
Redstone Arsenal by CadenDonuts, Morgsta270
Rei's Minimap by _Rodrix_ & HanFox
Resonant Engine by CadenDonuts
Simply Jetpacks by HanFox & Morgsta270
SoulShards: Reborn by HanFox
Statues by Nhawks17, NintendoFan37
Steve's Carts 2 by HanFox
Sync by NintendoFan37 & EskiMojo14
Thaumcraft 4 by crumbl3d, Sparkst3r, CadenDonuts, KeddoXZ, Chase98, NintendoFan37 & others
Thaumic Tinkerer by Novamanga, Rockawill, KeddoXZ, Chase98 & others
Thermal Expansion by HanFox & CadenDonuts
Tinkers Construct - Mechworks by Novamanga, Sparkst3r, Minermiah, AranhaPreta, Crumbl3d, TbotV63, pr4v, Timmie3054, PCMaster160, HanFox, Amon & CadenDonuts
Tinkers Steelworks by HanFox, Sparkst3r & CadenDonuts
TubeStuff by timmie3054, Sparkst3r, CadenDonuts & shoe7ess
Twilight Forest by Linyor, OzzyMandice, Zernicalo, AranhaPreta & Novamanga
Useful Food by Sir Oldie, DanniL113, hello167, CadenDonuts & Zernicalo
Wireless Redstone CBE by Sparkst3r, PCMaster160 & CadenDonuts
Witchery by hisnamewasz, Gadzuqs, BoP Textures, Thaumcraft Textures & TConstruct Textures
Zan's Minimap / Voxelmap by HanFox & _Rodrix_