[64x - 32x] The Sly Pack [MC1.7.10]

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Post 10 Feb 2018, 11:51

The Sly Pack

The Sly Pack allows you to venture forth into a world filled with magic, exploration and technology. You can choose whether or not you decide to dabble in the dangerous magic of Blood Magic or the less dangerous more floral magic of Botania. If you're finding yourself low on storage, you could create an amazing AE network with Applied Energistics 2! You could go the old ways of generating power with Buildcraft, then use some Power Converters to change that MJ into RF. Or you could build a giant reactor with Big Reactors and dabble with unstable uranium. This is just a small taste of the mods within The Sly Pack, and however you chose to play, you'll find excitement at every corner.


Right now there are a total of 4 mods that do not have a patch, those being Calculator, Practical Logistics, GuideApi, and Not Enough Wands.


for MC1.7.10


AE2Stuff by HanFox
AOBD by Novamanga
Actually Additions by Novamanga
Advanced Generators by Novamanga
Applied Energistics 2 by HanFox
Aroma1997 Core by Caeldeth
Baubles by crumbl3d
Better Builder's Wands by shadowake
Bibliocraft by Linyor
Bibliowoods (BOP, Forestry, Natura) by Linyor
Big Reactors by HanFox
Binnie's Mods by HanFox
Biomes O' Plenty by Linyor
Blood Magic by NintendoFan37
Botania by Novamanga
Buildcraft by Nhawks17
Carpenter's Blocks by HanFox
ChickChunks by Sparkst3r
Chisel by HanFox
CoFHCore by HanFox
Compact Machines by NintendoFan37
Compact Solars by HanFox
ComputerCraft by Sparkst3r
Dense Ores by GrumpyPirate
Ender Storage by Sparkst3r
Ender Tech by Novamanga
Ender Zoo by Novamanga
EnderIO by b0bst3r
Extra Utilities by BonaireDreams
Factorization by Novamanga
Flat Signs by FlammingFox
Forestry by HanFox
Forge Multipart by HanFox
Funky Locomotion by KeddoXZ
Gendustry by Novamanga
Hats Mod by Bobsteru
IC2 Nuclear Control by Novamanga
IndustrialCraft 2 by HanFox
Iron [link=]Backpacks by Novamanga
Iron Chest by HanFox
JABBA by Novamanga
Magic Bees by HanFox
Malisis [link=]Doors by Linyor
Mantle by Novamanga
Mapwriter by HanFox
Minefactory Reloaded by Llama Farmer
Morph by Morgsta270
Mystcraft by HanFox
NEI Addons by HanFox
NEI Intergration by HanFox
NEI Plugins by HanFox
NEI by HanFox
Natura by Linyor
Open Peripherals Addons by matthewb117
OpenBlocks by dozid
PneumaticCraft by Novamanga
Portal Gun by CadenDonuts
Power Converters by Novamanga
Project E by Llama Farmer
Project Red by Duckstepper
Railcraft by HanFox
Redstone Arsenal by HanFox
Steve's Carts 2 by Novamanga
Steve's Factory Manager by NintendoFan37
Storage Drawers by EskiMojo14
Thaumcraft by crumbl3d/Novamanga
Thaumic Exploration by Jackelton
Thaumic Tinkerer by Novamanga
Thermal Expansion by HanFox
Thermal Foundation by HanFox
Tinker's Construct by Novamanga
Tinker's Mechworks by Novamanga
Translocators by KaosKlaus
Twilight Forest by Linyor
Wireless Redstone CBE by Sparkst3r
Witchery by hisnamewasz