RULES: Read this before posting a REQUEST

Think a certain mod would look awesome in a BDcraft style or want a mod pack patch? Make a request here.
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Post 26 Nov 2014, 20:44

First do a search and check the Patch Index to make sure a patch doesn't already exist or that a request hasn't already been made.

If you want to request an update or another resolution to an existing patch please post in the respective existing patch thread.

If there is no other thread:
  • Only make one mod/modpack request per thread. It's easier for other's to find your post and +1 if it's just the one mod/modpack in it.
  • Your thread title should be the name of the mod or modpack you're requesting (you can include the resolutions you'd like, too).
  • Do not include REQ or REQUEST in the thread title. It's obviously a request.
  • The mod or modpack should be publicly accessible. It's unfair to ask people to work on something when no one can gain access to it.
  • Make sure you post a link to the official page/thread of the mod or modpack so people can take a look and see if they want to texture it.
    • Note when requesting modpack patches: If there is no official page for a modpack, or the official page doesn't include a list of mods, you should provide a list of mods yourself.
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