Download BDcraft Texturepacks

PureBDcraft is available for:

  • Minecraft
  • Minecraft PE (Minecraft Pocket Edition)
  • Minetest (an Open-Source Minecraft like game)
  • Delver (A cool Dungeon Crawler Indiegame)

You can also discover:

  • GrungeBDcraft (a Work In Progress pack for Minecraft)
  • BDcraft Musics Pack (39 new Musics for Minecraft!)
  • BDcraft Sounds Pack (300+ new Sounds for Minecraft!)
  • Various exclusive Wallpapers and Icons to customize your Computer (Windows, MacOS or Linux)
  • Print unique Paper-Crafts of Blocks and Mobs
  • Explore the BDcraft Shop wich contains fun and unique goodies
  • Access the BDcraft Community Forums to discuss, share and get help!

What do you want to do?

Enjoy! Winking